[3rd generation] Porsche Dashcam Exclusively Designed for Macan | Panamera | Cayenne | Cayman | 911 | 918

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$288.00 $398.00

Daytime video sample. 1080p FHD (if your network connection and graphics processing ability allow)

Sample night video. True 1080p WDR video quality with amazingly vivid detail! 

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Image Signal Processor

Video Compression Format

Audio Encoding

Image Stablizing

Night Vision Enhencement

TV Output

Storage Card

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  1. Mark (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, I cannot give more than 3 stars. The app gets one star and for good reason. Mine will not connect to the camera so I have no control. Can’t set date, web, nothing. Can’t see videos without removing card and placing in computer. I also have a clicking through the audio track. Installation instructions are bare bones but I had help and it went smoothly. Perhaps I received a defective unit. I emailed kammu and am waiting to hear from them. For the high price of this cam, it’s time they write up clear instructions and make an app that works.


    • KAMMU

      Thanks for your business. It is because of the update of the app, so your camera did not connect to the dashcam correctly. I have already emailed you the new update of the app and now it works fine. Thanks for your advise, we will try our best to improve the service.


    • KAMMU

      Thanks for your email telling me that you can successfully connect to the dashcam now since we have sent you the updated mobile app. If there is any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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