[CoLiDo] 3D Delta Printer Colido D1315 with Fast Printing Speed And High Printing Resolution


1. Fast print: Delta design, 3 axels moving same time, speed up at least 30% than XYZ printing technology

2. D1315 reach up to 0.05mm layer resolution. Unlike most other low-cost 3D printers, print with 0.1mm layer resolution, D1315 has doubled precision!

3. Compact design with good quality component, portable machine and reliable printing.

4. In box included 50g filament, filament spool holder, adhesive tape, plastic bed scraper, bed leveling hex wrench.

5. 30 days return, 1-year replacement warranty. Live chat tech support on CoLiDo.com, ePrintRite.com or reach us via support@colido.com.

6. Widest range of filament type compatibility. From any manufacturer, any filament of 1.75mm, as long as nozzle temperature range required from (190℃-210℃). Compatible with common filament like PLA, Wood, Bronze, luminous, temperature change, transparent PLA.

7. Ready to print. Fully assembled and calibrated. Take out from the box, easily fine tuning with 3 hexagon nuts. Once calibrated, just works.

$229.00 $299.00

3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_1_machine 3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_2_application 3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_3_patented_structure_and_nozzle 3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_4_printing_precision 3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_5_fast_printing 3D_Delta_Printer_Colido_D1315_6_rohs_ce_ffc Content of Package

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