1. What are the differnces between Kammu dashcam and the others?

Kammu dash cams are the latest aftermarket dashboard cams specially designed for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other specific brands and models. Our creative design utilizes the car factories’ original slot at the back of the rear view mirror to mount the dash cams on, which cleverly hide the dash cams behind the rear view mirror while putting the cam at the best position for recording. No more annoying wire exposure, no more obstruction to forward visibility while driving. Using our dash cam, you can simply enjoy what we called “plug and forget” pleasure: you barely notice its existence while it is working hard for you to record everything in front of your car in a clear and crisp quality image video.

2. Can I turn off the voice recording while recording video?

Yes, you can simply press the button at your app to turn off the voice recording. You can turn it on later as well.

3. How do I know if the dashcam can fit my vehicles perfectly?

We used the original car’s slot to do the molding and manufacturing. You can find the exact match models list on product detail page, and all the listed models can fit the car perfectly. If you are not sure if your vehicle can fit or not, please drop us a line or two through email and you will get instant response.

4. Does the unit come with all the cables needed to connect it to the car's dvd / command screen or do I need to purchase something extra?

Yes, of course. All the dash cams package include one A/V (audio and video) output cable to connect to the car’s original screen so that you can see the real-time monitoring pictures on your car’s screen. You don’t need to pay extra cost to buy the cable.

5. Audi dashcam 2nd Generation price includes all to germany and time to arrival in Gerrmany?

Yes, you can choose free shipping and the total price will include all the cost to Germany and other countries as well except for some very remote areas. We ship auto parts worldwide from Guangdong province of China.

6. Did you have a secure order page

Yes, our web site is a secure payment website powered by a GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. And all your private information will be immediately encrypted when it leaves your computer on its way to our web server and thus 100% secured.

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