Step 1. Buy a iconCam Infiniti dashcam exclusively made for Infiniti, then take off the original decoration case at the back of the rear-view mirror.
Step 2.  Install the Infiniti dashcam for Q50/EQS/QX50/QX70 in the same position:
Step 3. Connect the dash cam and power line, and Wiring the power line along the ceiling edge and the windshield edge at the left side because the Q50’s fuse box is located at the bottom of the driver’s seat dashboard.
Step 4. Find ACC fuse box. Most Infiniti car and SUV model’s (like Q50, EQS, QX50 and QX70)  fuse box  are located at the bottom of the driver seat’s dashboard, just beside the foot brake:
Step 5.  Use long flat nose pliers to pull out the fuse plug on the fuse box’s ACC slot:
Step 6.  Get the power cable included as accessories inside the iconCam package we sent to you. The yellow cable with “12v BAT B+” mark is the “parking monitoring cable”, which enables the camera’s parking monitoring fuctions, which means that even you leave your car and turn off the engine, it will deliver power to the camera IF YOU HAVE INSTALLED THE red cable with “ACC” mark. So the “ACC” cable is the main source of power. If you did not connect it to the fuse box, the camera get NO power to turn on. After you connect it correctly to the fuse box, the camera will have power to turn on as soon as you start the car.
the power line of kammu dashcam
Step 7. Find the fuse plug splitter we sent you in the package, and connect the camera’s red ACC cable’s fuse plug into CD position, and connect the original car’s fuse plug into the AB position, and then connect the splitter’s power cable into the car’s fuse box’s slot to get the power. And do the same procedure to the yellow cable with “12v BAT B+” mark.
Step 8. Connect the GND cable, the negative pole, to any convenient iron part around, like a metal screw.

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  1. After researching so many dash cams I decided to purchase this one. The installation was a bit of challenge in my Tundra, but I managed to get everything connected correctly. My next obstacle was the finding the software for my iPhone (hsdsdfs) was not easy to find on the website, but a quick email to support took care of that. Also the password (12345678) was not on the website at least not where I could find it, but support took care of that too. Overall I am very pleased with the camera, its so covert that most don’t even notice it and the picture quality hands down is the best I’ve seen.

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