How to Install Dash Cam onto Audi A6 8

Step 1. Take off the original decoration case at the back of the rear-view mirror:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_1 Step 2.  Install the audi dash cam in the same position:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_2Step 3. Connect the dash cam and power line:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_3Step 4. Wiring the power line along the ceiling edge:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_4Step 5. Then wiring the power line along the windshield edge:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_5Step 6. Find ACC fuse box which is usually located at the side panel of the passenger seat:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_6Step 7.  Connect the yellow wire to ACC and connect black wire to ground fuse. Plug the AV output into video decoder if you have installed one in the car:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_7Step 8.  The remaining wires would be hidden in the fuse box:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_8Step 9.  Start the car to review the real-time video from car DVD as addressed in the last step if there is a video decoder in your car:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_9Step 10. If not please download a mobile App to connect dashboard camera via WiFi to review real-time video:
install_dashcam_onto_audi_10Step 11. Plug Micro SD card into dash camera, then you can download video footage direct from car camera easily:


  1. how to turn it on? and what is name of mobile app? can i have an instruction guide? thank you,

    1. Thanks for your query. I am sorry but the mobile app is for the customers only. Our customers can get all the instructions they need. And since your camera is from Audi, which is not our product and we don’t have any idea about how to turn in on.

  2. Hello
    I didnt find camera for year 2011 AUDI A6. Is it Type A or B ? I have rains ensor and High and low beam switching system.

  3. Hi
    In the next months or so I will receive my new MERCEDEC C250 and after finding your website would like to get a dash cam for same.
    Is there a way of installing a REAR VIEW camera as well and if so, which camera should I use.
    I am interested in as much info as you have available – as my MERCEDES dealer has NO information and knows NOTHING about your Cameras.
    Fred Sorensen

  4. Hi, Could you specify the measures for the Mercedes dash cam please. I have an S-320 (W220) and it seems like one of the other could work for my car.

    If wanted I can email picture of the cover I have at the rear view mirror.

    I am sure that the more references you can have the better it will be for business, and I will be more than happy to provide after I have installed mine.

    Soren Smith

    1. Hello Soren Smith,
      Thanks for your message. I will check for you about the measure of the mercedes dashcam for s-320 and get back to you soon.

  5. hi, does this fit the 2015 Audi A6?

    1. Yes, our dashcam is tailor designed for Audi A6 year of 2015. It can fit your Audi perfectly.

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